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We are pleased to share our PLATO highlights 2019 with you in our current Newsletter.


Our recently founded PLATO LAB has been equipped with a state-ofthe-art eye-tracking instruments Tobii Pro incl. software. This tool allows for to dig even deeper in PLATO’s research on online learning (behavior) and information processing in digital environments. In this context, we are also looking forward to strengthen and further develop our cooperation with other cooperation partners to further build up a comprehensive learning lab at our disposal.









New Edited Volume

Our second edited volume is published:

Frontiers and Advances in Positive Learning in the Age of Information (PLATO)

Part I:   Barriers and Facilitators of Positive and Negative Learning in Higher Education
Part II: Learning with New Media and Technology
Part III: Innovative Analytical Approaches for the Modeling and Measuring of Learning
Part IV: Perspective




RMU Funding: The Effects of the Internet on Learning in Higher Education

PLATO was granted funding from the initiative fund of the Rhine-Main Universities (RMU), from 2018 until 2019. The RMU funding has been used to consolidate pilot studies on the effects of the Internet on learning and to prepare a basis for a cross-university application to solidify PLATO collaboration structures.
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PLATO Funding by the German Federal State Rhineland-Palatinate

PLATO has been granted funding by the German federal state Rhineland-Palatinate, starting in 2019 up until 2023. The research platform is funded at the University of Mainz and is subject to regular evaluation. The aim of the research platform is to consolidate and focus the cooperation in PLATO on the basis of third-party-funded collaborative programms.