PLATO Conceptual Framework

"Developing an Initial Empirical Framework for PLATO, as a Interdisciplinary Program Aimed at Investigating the Phenomena of Positive and Negative Learning in the Digital Age"

Collaborative Project with Linguists (Prof. Dr. Walter Bisang; Prof. Dr. Olga Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia): 

The project aims to further develop and establish a holistic explanatory model as an empirical framework for studying Positive and Negative learning in the Age of Information. The goal for the modeling is to create research design blueprints that can be integrated to form a holistic, multilayered, multiscaled, environment- and value-sensitive model of learning and educational assessment by means of interdisciplinary cooperation and advanced computational possibilities. Once the initial target research designs, approaches, and computational models for positive learning have been developed – for example, linking an information source considered by a student to (1) numerical-mathematical skills, (2) linguistic structures and linguistic skills, (3) the student’s cognitive and neural processes, (4) the student’s current or changing social and technological learning environment, and (5) the student’s learning outcomes and longitudinal development – additional areas of influence could be included in the analyses.