PLATO’s Vision

PLATO tackles challenges arising from the media’s ever-increasing influence and the intentional or unintentional manipulation of information, and examines its effects on the way students process information and acquire knowledge.

To carry out this mission, PLATO aims to contribute substantially and sustainably to answering four central overarching research questions:

  • What will the “information landscape” students use for domain learning in academic education look like in 2020, and what will this information landscape look like by 2030 and 2040?
  • How does the rapidly evolving information landscape with its ever-changing knowledge bases shaped by scientific, technological, and societal developments influence domain learning and its outcomes in academic education?
  • How can we find a sophisticated balance between scientific, technological and societal advances and (quasi)invariant core principles of (domain) learning in academic education to achieve Positive Learning outcomes?
  • How can we use the modern, digital, and agile learning environments that pervade formal and informal academic education to foster Positive Learning outcomes (and prevent Negative Learning)?